Google Sheets - Split Data into Multiple Sheets

How to split data into multiple sheets in Google Sheet

Google Sheets can do miracles even by using the standard set of formulas, without the need of creating complex scripts.

Let's talk about a project where you are getting data into the main sheet of your Google Sheet file. Then you would like to split this data based on various criteria into multiple other sheets. The scope of this could be:

  • to perform different operations on those sheets based on the selection criteria,
  • share that & only that information with the relevant persons,
  • prepare the data for further automation ...

You can create a script to do this, or maybe just a macro or, if your final file structure is always the same (same sheets for example), you can use the FILTER function in Google Sheets.

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As expected, the main function used in this case study is:


  • We are filtering the main table on the Master sheet for the lines where, in column B, the category is Fruits.
  • Only these lines will be shown on this sheet.
  • We do the same for the other sheets in the document – one sheet for each of the categories we have identified for our data.

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